OUIGO Train Classique Celebrates 2nd Birthday with Massive 5 Euro Sale!

Celebrate! This is really a perfect timing to grab a copy since OUIGO Train Classique is now on their 2nd year and they are on sale! At that rate, they are selling 50,000 tickets at a ridiculous price of as low as 5 Euros.

This is a perfect opportunity to visit France and numerous cities in this country for considerably less. It is faster by a TGV (let’s say 160 km per hour instead of 320 km per hour) but to many people the price saving is a winner. Especially since you can still go on a vacation to approximately twenty different places!

These trains are no-frills – traveling on these, you will not find anything as luxurious as modern TGV carriages or comfortable Corail train with free WiFi and gourmet dining cars. However, if you are a cash strapped traveler who simply needs to go from point A to B, then this is just ideal.

Half of the target users has already tried OUIGO Train Classique, and it is unlikely that more people will not follow suit. It might even be expanding more routes such as Paris-Bordeaux and Paris-Brussels in the later future.

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