The Most Respectful Fighter in MMA? It Might Be Youssef Boughanem

Youssef Boughanem is a classic figure in combat sports and very jolly too, a man with relatively, an incredible degree of humility. Any time he has said something about other fighters, he has never told a lie, and one of those occasions was when he was discussing about Benoît Saint-Denis.

There are two types of fighters: there is the boastful type such as; Cédric Doumbé and there is the humble type such as Youssef Boughanem. Boughanem participated in 221 fights, won 192 of them; however, he does not like to brag and is the first to admit that someone else may be stronger.

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Changing the perspective from Boughanem to Benoît Saint-Denis

This quality was again evident on one of the YouTube shows that was recently produced. When questioned on the topic of fighting different opponents, Boughanem did not give a politically correct answer. He said if he were to engage Benoît Saint-Denis in a mixed martial arts fight, he would be easily defeated. Boughanem admits that indeed, out of all quarters, Saint-Denis’ experience would be a great help. That is why Boughanem enjoys such favourable response from his fans.

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