Nicki Minaj’s Arrested in Amsterdam: A Story of Missed Concerts, Frustration, and Fan Promises

This show and others by the “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” came to a halt on Saturday when Nicki Minaj was said to have been arrested by the police in Amsterdam in Netherlands. Neyo is proposed to perform that evening in Manchester, England, Minaj’s trip was cut short on the suspicion of transferring prohibited substances that include drugs.

The details of the incident only became public throgh official reports and Minaj’s posts in a social media. Dutch authorities have arrested a 41 year old American woman at Schiphol Airport for suspected possession of soft Drugs in her carry-on luggage. Though they did not reveal the woman’s identity, it became apparent it was Minaj when a spokesman acknowledged it.

Minaj’s part of the narrative which was captured on social media gives an impression of an artist who was frustrated to the extent of being suspicious. She was recorded barging into the workers from the airport, her luggage triggered a search. One item that Minaj never understood was the non sequitur check that was conducted which she thought was a plot to pull her tour apart.

It eventually fanned, particularly when authorities arrested Minaj for several hours. About missing the concert she said she was disappointed, and also the fans that could not get access to purchase the tickets.

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It took Minaj approximately 5-6 hours being locked up in the jail and she was then released with only a fine and allowed to proceed with her trip. However, what this meant was she was unable to attend the concert in Manchester on the same night.

The concert was rescheduled by the promoter Live Nation UK; however, they said that the tickets will be valid for the new date. Minaj also gracefully posted on social media showcasing her talent apologizing to her fans for the inconvenience, assuring them she would perform the missed concert + an added bonus.

Even if there is a violation of the law on drug possession it is unclear but the case shows that travel is not easy especially for celebrities most of the times. Minaj is accusing other people of sabotage, which brings an extra element of drama to the situation, dropping the implication of backstage drama.

The rapper is however engaged with her tour. About her performance schedule, she insisted that she would perform in Manchester the second show on the Thursday and the Birmingham show on Sunday. Also, she fully understood the situation and said that she wanted to announce the new date of the missed Saturday show soon when she expected to perform the show; the available dates for consideration are in June or July.

Minaj also threatened to sue someone warning that she has video proof and would be seeking the help of a lawyer.

It has without doubt produced a considerable uproar as to what is anticipated amongst Minaj’s fan base. The reactions they give on the social media are enough proving how much they care and how much they aware. Still, Minaj also seems quite adamant to leave this particular incident behind her and give her fans an even more eye-popping performance when the concert is to be held again.

With the legalities yet to be fully addressed and the rescheduled date looming, one thing remains certain: , this chapter in the “Pink Friday 2 World Tour” will be a story that the fans will be able to see and remember for a while. Their rude awakening came early last fall and it was marked by delay after delay and frustration but, above all, an artist’s fans came first at any given time.

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