Jurors Continue Deliberations in Donald Trump Trial Without Verdict on First Day

During the Wednesday, the jurors who are hearing the case against Donald Trump in which Stormy Daniels accuses him of defrauding her did not come up with the verdict. Spector’s counselors asked to hear the instructions given by the judge concerning the legal direction that the trial of the case would take, and excerpts of some of the testimonies were produced. These are some of the cases that the court will be handling; The court will be in session Wednesday and Thursday and then proceeds to Friday for further deliberation.

The 12 jurors who will dictate Trump’s fate opened their discussions without reaching the verdict of the day. This is a precedent setting trial mainly because it is the first criminal trial involving a former president of the US and a prospective candidate for the same position.

We are in the anxious high stakes trial in the middle of the presidential campaign and the juror in charge of this case is Judge Juan Merchan of the Manhattan court who told the jurors that they need to put aside any personal bias that they may have and follow the law. He made them understand that as jurors, the only approach they had was to be unbiased despite their opinion of the suspect.

In the afternoon, some of the jurors wanted the judge to briefly review the instructions that he had given and specific testimony. In his summation, however, Judge Merchan told them that he would give these readings on Thursday morning and then dismissed them for the day.

The jury faces a pivotal question: What 34 counts can have been linked to Donald Trump regarding the alleged accounting fraud charges involving $ 130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels to keep the story from coming out just before the end of the final days of the contentious 2016 presidential campaign.

It means that Trump must inevitably stay in court during all deliberations as it has been said by the judge.

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High-Stakes Trial Amid Presidential Campaign

The Mail said Trump, who is campaigning for the November 5 presidential election, has repeatedly condemned the trial and labelled the prosecutions as rigged. He even compared the situation to one where, even, Mother Teresa would not dismiss the cases.

Jurors are now in the most critical stage of the trial after listening to defense’s motion for characterization of the case as a ‘rush acquittal, and the screams for a conviction from the prosecution side stating that Trump ‘undermined democracy.

Should it be convicted, the 2024 presidential campaign will be on a ground that has not been tested before. Trump might formally appeal but would likely come up against 81-year-old incumbent Democratic president, Joe Biden, with the smell of a court conviction.

Prosecution and Defense Arguments

Juries are often deliberate for several days and need to be unanimous while deciding the guilt or innocence of Trump.

During his closing argument on Tuesday that took five hours to deliver, prosecutor Joshua Steinglass, working to successfully persuade jurors that this was not a simple matter of inadequate accounting … Steinglass insisted that the case was, in fact, ‘a conspiracy and a cover-up … to win the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton and to deny the American voters the truth. The money paid to Daniels was to hush her over the affair rumors with Trump in the year 2006 which could be_TRUE!

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney during the time he paid Daniels was compensated and later reimbursed using funds with what the prosecutors state were fake receipts as “legal” from the Trump Company resulting into other charges of reporting false information.

The defense sought to point out that being a president, Trump had other duties that a presidential person normally has, and therefore, he could not keep track of paperwork, details of which were handled by his lawyer. However, the prosecution continues the statements according to which, there was a conspiracy to cover up any possible scandal linked to a meeting that took place on August 2015 between Trump, Cohen and David Pecker – the head of the American tabloids. Pecker’s testimony was received the most attention from the jurors and they asked to be shown the video of his testimony on Wednesday.

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