Toni Kroos Announces Retirement After Euro 2024

Football fans and the football world in particular was taken aback when Toni Kroos said that he will be retiring at the end of the summer’s European Championship. Toni Kroos is 34 now but, he continues to play for Real Madrid and the German national football team.

The above decision can be easily explained by the fact that Kroos remains loyal to Real Madrid. From day one he has claimed that it would be his last club and his current deal runs out at the end of season.

Kroos is one of the best players in the game, he dominates the play and sets his teammates up brilliantly. He is still indispensable to the team and he will, for sure, win another Champions League title for Real Madrid. If he is willing to come out of international retirement for the Euros, then his ultimate aim has always been to retire as a champion.

It scenarios of retiring in 2024 give one a good feeling of finishing up the working years. He, this year, take the World Cup ten years ago and then signed for Real Madrid, one of the pivotal points of his life. Now, ten years on, he will exit football with his head held high having a good chance of winning a Champions League trophy as well as playing in the Euros on home soil.

Till this year, Kroos’ career has remained excellent and consistent with 33 titles in his trophy collection (or, may be 35)!. It’s a shame he is quitting the game when he is on top, he has always only ever played for the best teams. His memories stimulated some people to query if maybe he could have played one more year while no one will complain that the latter overstayed his welcome. This is a proper way to go for a player who always was characterized by accurate and strategical thinking on the pitch and, perhaps even more important, off the track.

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