France Strikes Deal: Doctor Visits Cost More, But Patients See Easier Access

Paris France – French patients will be waited to pay relatively higher fees for primary healthcare but there is doubt to be easement in accessing medical care. According to a rough conception of a deal which is due to be signed on Friday, 17th of May, between union of patients and doctors, visit price will become more expensive – €30. An agreement is scheduled for effective date starting this December.

This increase is on the back of a protracted bargaining between Cnam and la Commission des internes médicaux. Although is the agreement only the fact of having a greatest number of doctors unions voting for it is required for its officially approval.

The agreement also encompasses improvements in specialists’ salary, and the creation of goals that are “mutual” for public and healthcare providers to meet. Such examples can comprise approaches such as hiking the upper limit of patients handled by a doctor. Moreover, the pact attempts to endorse a better handling of prescriptions medications.

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President of the biggest doctor alliance doctor by Franck Devulder has declared very cautious optimism about this agreement. He considers it as the way that would foster a new focus for doctors and yet not impose any new limitation on them.

The French Minister of Health reacted favorably to the idea of such intiative, interpreting it as setting a fair balance on the chief care and considering the needs of healthcare.

Though the charging of consultation fees will rise a little, patients will surely see exactly how the extra amount put into the system is a tool to make services accessible and up the quality of health care.

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