Surveillance Video Shows Alleged 2016 Assault by Sean “Diddy” Combs

The music mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is facing a new endurance test after CNN televised surveillance videos from a 2016 a hotel incidence that apparently portray the ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura being beaten by him to brutality.

The release of the video would seem to substantiate details cited in the lawsuit against Combs, which she filed in November 2020 alleging a history of physical and sexual abuse. The compliant was filed at the beginning of the week, and was settled before the end of the same week.

Neither Combs himself nor his representatives have given a comment on the video. His previous denial of all the abuse allegations has no effect on the debate.

Video Evidence Raises Question About The Physical Attack.

The unfortunate video, as said to by CNN, is supposed to have been in a hotel hallway Combs was allegedly with Cassie. The video depicts him snatching her, tossing her to the ground and also displaying kicks at her. In the next scene, he drags her using her trousers on the other side and possibly a vase is thrown in the passage.

Attorneys by Cassie’s name, Douglas Wigdor, gathered to incriminating the video as heart-breaking and praising Cassie’s bravery that came forward.

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Filing Suit Describes the Allegations of Repeated Torture

Cassie’s complaint covered a story of domestic violence, particularly an episode at a hotel in L. A. back then in 2016 when she said she was hit in her face and some objects dropped on her as she ran away. The case asserts that after apology, Cassie visited the hotel room and allegedly, staff suggested her to go somewhere else because they have seen the footage of the clash.

Combs Denies All Allegations

Combs has faced several allegations of assault ever since he was arrested, which has made the situation quite tough for him. He has called them “sickening” and “meritless” to avoid being charged. In his pre-trial, he is under a barrage of lawsuits and one criminal investigation. It makes no difference whether whatever the other people say; he insists that he is innocent.

Further Investigation Likely

This only adds to the increasing media pressure that the investigations are under. Simply put, the video’s release may affect the entire investigative process.

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