GTA (Grand Theft Auto) VI: Release Set for Fall 2025

Prepare to high gear the crime gangster world game!By fall 2025, the upcoming addition to the well-known GTA Series titled GTA VI should be released. Those bites are from Take-Two Interactive, the company that is the developer and publisher of the game as well.

The craze followed with the release of GTA VI is tremendous. When a trailer for the game had hit the internet in December; it had overwhelmingly covered YouTube with 100 million views in no time but only in two days! The trailer itself hinted at what players can expect: millenniums of spying on cars, fancy parties aboard yachts, even playable characters, this could be the first female protagonist in the history of the series.

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The game is going to be situated in Vice city, which is a artificial city and is inspired by Miami. It will provide players with an opportunity to play as a gangster and as they can own beautiful mansions and can even be imprisoned. Players’ are looking forward to more information about the game coming from Rockstar Games, the developer for the game.

It is interesting to think that the popularity of GTA is clearly defined, however, the game still has some negative reviews from some critics. People will look down on the idea by saying that the game has so much violence and crime-related contents may attract players to imitate the very behaviors. On the other hand, Take-Two interactive has never accepted the grievances as real.

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