Cannes 2024: A Look at Francis Ford Coppola’s “Megalopolis”

Cannes France – In the same month when he lost his better half, Francis Ford Coppola staged a comeback to Festival de Cannes, the Cannes 2024 Film Festival. His films still charm, said an 85 years old famous film director who came to the festival Megalopolis with his family and cast to his much awaited movie. The occasion was a roller coaster of feelings that was a fusion of the happiness of a newly beginning project plus the pain of a recent death.

Coppola’s greatness was her major festival’s highlight. “Megalopolis” is already familiar at the festival as his 26th film in competition after he won the hearts of the Cannes audience with “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now”, which scooped the Palme d’Or in 1979. He wasn’t alone. Family members were among them even the sister of his mother, Talia Shire, his son, Roman Coppola, and two granddaughters Romy and Cosima (daughters of Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars) all showed support.

The screening was a cumulative event that included many things. Coppola dedicated the film to the hope of offering a better world for the upcoming generations, the message which rang a bell to him because he had recently lost his wife Eleanor (87) in April. In La Voix du Nord interview he stated that the emotional mixture he had when presenting “Megalopolis” was impossible to describe. Indeed, he promised to overcome it with strength of spirit declaring, “I’ll still be here in 20 years. I’ve already started working on a new film. “

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“Megalopolis” itself was the subject of many friendly arguments. The film which stimulates the audience thinking to the future of society received a standing applause of critics as well as people who opposed to it. Besides, it was funded by Coppola himself and, as a result, he enjoyed nearly complete freedom of creative expression. Called a fable, the production is alleged to have encountered some hiccups, as many reports inside The Guardian quoted; issues reported include inability to work as a team, key team member disappearance, and director often addressing members while in his camper.

In this regard, though the challenges and the recent negative event might have dispersed the arms of coppola in the production of great movies, his unconquerable love for the cinema still stood tall. At the age of eighty five, he is perhaps more passionate about the vision and art he believes in; remaining true to the way of life that defines his character, I can only imagine how hard it would be to bury his wife and son. Whether “Megalopolis” is met with universal acclaim or not, one thing is certain: Anyway, it is impossible to overestimate the contribution to cinema of the legendary director Francis Ford Coppola.

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