The American Paul Auster, author of the “New York Trilogy”, dies at the age of 77

American author Paul Auster, who besides his novels and poems also expresses himself in the field of films, now belongs to the elite of world literature after a tetralogy titled New York Trilogy, passed away from complications of lung cancer at the age of 77, as announced by an associate of the family.

The author passed away at his home in Brooklyn, NY, USA, according to a statement published by AFP. Lyden, who is a reporter for AFP, said that in a letter to the public through “The New York Times”. “Not a person to quit, paul was at home surrounded by his family when he passed out, at 8:58pm on tuesday.” was his last sentence according to Ms. Lyden.

cancer that he had been diagnosed with last year Hustvedt, a writer, his wife, have recently announced. By the end of August, in a long and touching Instagrame post, including pictures of the youthful couple, she made a declaration that Paul Auster was not out of the woods, a year ago, in the same manner, the same social network was used to announce of her better half’s cancer treatment in New York. She went on, “We haven’t across the border even and we’re still in “Cancerland,” which is the nation in which a patient receives treatment for cancer.

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She was comparing his case to her brother’s in which the latter started life long before what Paul had started and, therefore, he must have many years to live yet, the latter’s “today” is already getting old.

Reflections and Pretenses of Paul Auster

A neighbor of the state of New Jersey in 1947, Paul Auster was born in New York and became a well-known New York literary figure. The author of close to thirty manuscripts, according to The Guardian, he has got published in over forty languages. By including a good number of novels, the writer deals with the opportunity of a moment and coincidence which could turn out to be a major turning point for his heroes.

In “City of Glass”, “Revenants” and “The Hidden Room” which collectively are called “Trilogy”, its characters find themselves immersed in an identity pursuit like detective in a city that looks like a large maze with a lot of skyscrapers, so everything is reflections and illusions. This heir to an Ashkenazi Jews’ lineage majored in French, Italian, and British literature at Columbia University, located in the City of New York.

Later, he attended the university where he spent five years in Paris from 1971 to 1975 with his French studies for which he also selected the task of translating representative authors. Nevertheless, he had to make a lot of efforts beside his more expected job as a translation until he could make a livelihood investing his work in books. Filmmaking was P.T. Anderson’s first love, but after his father’s death in 1979, he could fully invest his time in writing.

Revered in France

He has achieved fame since his first noteworthy work called “The Invention of Solitude” which was published in 1982, in which his personal interpretation of his father’s personality is described. In 1987, he burst into great popularity across the oceans especially in Europe, thanks to the novel “The New York Trilogy” which is the noir story inspired by the detective genre.

Along with this, Auster recurrently acted as a screenwriter and one of the films he wrote a screenplay to and directed was “Smoke”, in which lost souls are seen casually hanging around a New York tobacco-shop, and its sequel “Brooklyn Boogie”.

Another achievement is that he has written many books. Among these are “Moon Palace,” “The Book of Illusions,” & “Brooklyn Follies”. It’s not just in his home country where he’s a well-loved and respected writer, but also in his “second home” of France. Where he received the Foreign Medal for “The Leviathan” in 1993. A faithful democrat he was who strongly criticised the Bush Administration and made some clairvoyant forecasting in one of his books.

In 2022 April, he lost his son Daniel Auster whom was 44 years old. Daniel was born from the marriage with the author Lydia Davis. They were James’s first wife. The final one overdosed accidentally in New York at the end of 2021, being charged for manslaughter in relation to the death of her daughter that occurred at the same time by overdose, the ten-moth-old Ruby.

Being diagnosed with cancer in the very same year, he nonetheless managed to co-write a final (or “The End”) book saturated with his nostalgia, called “Baumgartter”, a “tender and miraculous little book”, according to his wife, Siri Hustvedt.

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