Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Care Brand LolaVie Launches Sculpting Paste

Jennifer Aniston‘s hair care line, LolaVie, just introduced a new product: one-paste styling product that combines the hold of a strong wax and the texture of a clay. This is part of LolaVie’s new hand-selected product range, which Anastasiya is known for, by the way, for taking a slow, process-driven approach to adding products to the portfolio.

The clay hairspray has joint venture of An?stelle and her hairstylist Chris McMillan. They choose to formulate it to be like the firms’ balance between a sturdy cream and a light oil, which topical the problem of combining two different products which helps in achieving the required consistency.

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Aniston especially recommends the spray for a “post-workout refresh” yet, it also work well on wet or dry hair as well as on straightened or curly hair. The absence of such ingredients allows the scalp to breathe and hence the style sticks without being weighed down and tacky.

In that sense, this launch is not just the first step for LolaVie, which intends to bring more paraben-free hair care in the future as well for a natural and high-quality feel. Aniston also mentioned the possibility of branched out non hair-care products including lifestyle merchandise; however the company has to confirm the expansion.

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