South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Stands by Her Story of Euthanizing Family Dog in Latest Book

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has been discussing a news report about the impending publishing of her new book where she says that at one point she was assigned a critical decision about one of her pets. In fact, on this post, she tried to ease the burden of some farm activities and not try to hide the fact that some days are very difficult when it comes to livestock.

Cricket, her 14 month old girl dog, needed to be put down, and Ann believed she couldn’t be trained and became a crutch as well as in her book. Noem revealed the emotional challenge of the decision-making process by narrating her experience of taking Cricket to a nearby gravel pit to put it half-dead.

Lastly, another rough day was when she had to euthanize a family goat she described very harsh as the family sheep. Noem reminisced how after she shot the goat the first time and the gun jammed she had to go to the trouble of reloading and then completing the kill.

That’s was another issue which was reffered to, the aftermath when her daughter came home from school and asked about Cricket thus hurting her emotionally.

NBC News has not provided a confirmation about these details, but somehow, Noem’s account is touching hearts a lot on social media, and people are even making their own pets photos in response to this news.

Presidential candidate Biden’s team replied by pointing out how when they had to remain in politics, family dogs also accompanied them, they shared their photos with President Biden posing with his dog, Commander, and Vice President Kamala Harris also had their own dog.

One of the conservative party leaders in USA politics is Kristi Noem. Not only has she served as the Governor of South Dakota for two terms but also previously was the Congress Representative of this state. She is also rated among front runners for ticket position in the Trump presidency.

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