Prisca Thevenot Faces Trio of Cabinet Resignations in Single Day

POLITICS – Cascading resignations. Three members of the cabinet of government spokesperson Prisca Thevenot left the cabinet on Friday April 12, according to franceinfo and Marianne. These departures come after numerous communication hiccups and approximations on the part of the minister.

Questioned on this subject, this Wednesday, April 17, during the meeting of the Council of Ministers, she brushed aside the rumors of a deleterious atmosphere within her work team and replied “it’s like a love, the life of the cabinets is thus done.”

Latest blunder, April 4, 2024 during the Council of Ministers report. In her introductory remarks, the minister mentions a “action avoided on the Easter weekend”. A few minutes later, she backpedals and reconsiders her statement. She says she actually referred to a planned attack dating back to the beginning of March, already announced by Gérald Darmanin.

Thévenot multiplies the approximations

However, nobody is deceived; it is unquestionably a mistake. Internally, according to information from franceinfo, Prisca Thévenot is singled out for “her ability to spit out elements of language” or “to multiply approximations”.

As a result, his chief of staff, William Elman, who has been working with Emmanuel Macron for a long time, his assistant who had cut his teeth alongside Christiane Taubira, and the chief of staff, a member of candidate Macron’s campaign team in 2022, all three have given up their apron.

According to Marianne, the spokesperson has already found two replacements out of the three she is looking for.

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