Jacques Mesrine’s Kidnapping of Jean-Jacques Debout

The 84-year-old artist appeared on “C à vous” this Wednesday, April 17, to celebrate the publication of her album Frida Kahlo. He returned to his friendship with the famous criminal.

The singer-songwriter has just celebrated his 84th birthday but has no immediate plans to retire. After more than 67 years of career, Jean-Jacques Debout releases a new album entitled Frida Kahlo. Invited on the set of “C à vous”, the husband of Chantal Goya also returned to his relationship with Jacques Mesrine, whom he knew before his destiny as a criminal, when they were still children.

Despite divergent destinies, the two men remained friends for a long time. While he is on tour to support Barbara in Canada, Jean-Jacques Debout is kidnapped by the criminal. When Jacques Mesrine chose to wait for the singer while hiding behind a hood after the performers left, he had already been targeted by Interpol and on the run..

“When I was kidnapped, I didn’t know it was him,” the guest explains to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. He finally discovered the problem after starting the car, when Jacques Mesrine decided to remove his hood and say: “turn around Jean-Jacques, it’s me Jacky”. And this incredible anecdote, which at the time was intended as a joke, has the merit of surprising the France 5 presenter who exclaims: “but it’s completely crazy”.

“He was slapping her”
Jean-Jacques Debout then continues his story. “The car almost crashed into a store on Sherbrooke Avenue in Montreal. Plus, what scared me was that he was sitting near me, in the back of the car, and when he noticed that the car wasn’t going fast enough, he would slap the driver. . He told him “go, go, I have all the police behind me.” And even if the anecdote could have made you smile years later, the singer was afraid for his life. ” It was terrible. Additionally, he slapped her more forcefully the more he screamed at her and urged her to go for it. The poor driver was shaking the steering wheel, he no longer knew where he was. I told myself we were going to crash, that we wouldn’t make it out alive. » Particularly taken by this story, all the chroniclers remain silent while Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine declares: “it looks like a scene from Uncles gunslingers.

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