Paris landmark, Moulin Rouge, loses its wings in a nighttime collapse.

Paris France – No injuries were reported at incident site of Moulin Rough as the Paris firefighters’ first thing to say. The aerial ballet of cabaret in Paris, nevertheless, suddenly stopped in the night between Wednesday and Thursday at 3 a.m.

The historic Moulin Rouge, imbued with the rich spirit in the Pigalle district of Paris, got deteriorated around 2 and 3 a.m. on the night of Wednesday April 24 to Thursday April 25, reported BFM Paris Île-de-France.

The entrance of the Parisian cabaret was just a good place for the falling wings to hit where they wanted to. The entry letters MOU was put through a food processor and became powders on the ground.

No injuries At Mouling Rouge

Yesterday’s rain had manifested itself in the green tarpaulin with, under which, the ruined wings of Moulin Rouge were, still, on site this Thursday morning.

Lastly, the security field was put around the site of crash before all of the wings were taken to a secure location around 8 am.

There were no reports of any injury but according to a Paris firefighter, BFMTV was told that. The national police and a crew of the Municipal Police and Prevention Department as well were ordered to attend the scene following orders from Kévin Havet the dependent security staff member of the 18th arrondissement Municipal Town Hall of Paris.

The cause of this downfall still remains un-revealed. However, according to the news agencies, the incident has not resulted in any critical collapse and reduced the consequence to the minimum. Snubbing the possibility of any “bad intention”, the mishap at The Moulin Rouge was caught on Thursday morning by the bigger management half-way through the day.

They do enforce checks regularly, say, “on a weekly basis.”

This is “the very first kind of accident the like is, since the building of the Moulin Rouge on October 6, 1889,” as the latter informed the AFP, but the subject of the origin of this accident “has no information” either.this accident.

“Strangely, it happened after the venue was closed,” noticed the same source. He added further that “the agency in charge of the stage management of the cabaret holds servicing works of table symbolizing the windmill mill every week and the check results show no problem.”

The sole major incident to take place at the cabaret was a blaze caused by a bit too much speed and was responsible for the cabaret being shut down for a period of 9 years.

Many know the Montmartre stop as home of the Lido and the famous venue where the cancan was born. With its spectacular 135th anniversary, the place has been attracting thousands of visitors who take their photos in front of it on the 6th of October

The Moulin Rouge was not going to close and therefore it was opened every day showing two shows at each performance whereupon it can recruit 850 visitors, totaling over 600,000 for the year.

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