Secret Story 2024: Who Will Win? Meet the 15 Housemates

This Tuesday, April 23, 2024, Secret Story made its comeback on TF1. After several years of absence, 15 new candidates joined the House of Secrets. But who are they?

Those who were unable to fall asleep during the night of Tuesday April 23 to Wednesday April 25, 2024, were able to follow the big return of Secret Story. The TF1 show is returning after a seven-year pause, with a focus on exceptional athletes rather than conventional reality TV prospects. This year, the host remains unchanged. Christophe Beaugrand has therefore taken over the reins of the program, while the Maison des Secrets has changed location. From Plaine Saint-Denis, she moved to Roissy in Yvelines. Also gone is the Voice, which announced its sad departure on social networks. But who are the 15 candidates for this new season?

Meeting the players, who are the 15 candidates for Secret Story 2024?
Alexis: The 26-year-old young man is a professional footballer in London. Originally from Strasbourg, he is a goalkeeper. He is already setting the tone and promises to be a great strategist.

Bruno: At 36 years old, this steward left his little boy to join the adventure. According to him, his secret “probably only happens once in a lifetime.” A man who has experienced great things?

Cameron: The 23-year-old young man was also a footballer and also went through the Clairefontaine training center… Just that. If he participates, it’s because he wants to make his mother laugh.

Cassandra: This 19-year-old young woman is an assistant childcare worker in the city of Marseille. She relies on her endearing side to fool the other candidates for the House of Secrets.

Charlène: At 26, she is a content creator in Cannes. To succeed in her adventure, she said she had to invent a second life. But will she be able to hide her emotions?

Francesca: Straight from Italy, she has been living in France for nine years for a love story. Aged 28, she is a sommelier. Ready to do anything to lead the players along, she had the eye of La Voix tattooed on her body.

Justine: This salesperson from Metz is very close to her family. A proximity that played tricks on him when he moved from Metz to Besançon for work. The 26-year-old young woman intends to gain the trust of the players to better unearth the secrets.

Keyla: At 36 years old, this father of two children is a real big poker player… An asset, let’s say, for Secret Story.

Léo: Freshly graduated from business school, the 22-year-old young man traveled around the world before finding himself locked in the House of Secrets. He relies on flirting with women and men to achieve his goals.

Lou: Originally from Marseille, has only one wish in this adventure: to show that you can “be a pretty girl and have a brain”. Ready for anything, she will not exceed one limit: loyalty to her companion.

Maxence: The 29-year-old insurance broker left sunny Spain to test his leadership abilities.

Maxime: The 23-year-old international business student is a shy veteran. He, who has just finished his studies, confided that his secret had changed his life.

Perrine: The 22-year-old Lyonnaise is still a 4th year student at business school. It is in Madrid, in a shared apartment, with eight people. Today, she will have to share her daily life with 14 candidates and that does not seem to make her flinch an eyebrow.

Ulysses: The youngest of the adventure is in final year. At 18, he has already experienced a lot, including taking care of his little sister following his parents’ divorce. Tennis players, he’s a bad loser!

Zoé: The 24-year-old Belgian journalist admits that she doesn’t know how to lie and “doesn’t think” when she speaks. This should make life difficult for him during his adventure…

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