O.J. Simpson, Former Football Star and Actor, Dead at 76

O.J. Simpson, a football player greatly acclaimed and later made a famous actor, has died at 76 of cancer. While people adored him for his athletic performances, his life was also haunted after a sensational trial of murder in which he was initially cleared of the charges but later held accountable in a civil case.

A Football and Acting Career

Born Orenthal James ‘Juice’ Simpson, he led USC to the collegiate football gold at the Rose Bowl student level by winning the Heisman Trophy. He then performed up to his name by out-performing himself at the professional level as a lodging back for the San Francisco 49ers and the Buffalo Bills.

Yet, throughout his career in football, O.J. Simpson was set on doing more than just playing his sport. This led him to try his hand at acting as well. He did so on medical center among other shows and The Inferno among other movies even as he still manned the team’s offense. The ex-football player went on to star in the cult hit series of “The Naked Gun and other movie roles.

The Murders and Trial

He was accused at the unbelievably dramatic moments in 1994 which they turned his old daily convenient life to a social buzz. Her ex wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her acquaintance called Ronald Goldman were killed. Although to no avail, it was O.J.’s involvement in a domestic abuse incident which made him a prime suspect of the event. The heroes gave chase at a low to medium speed, hoping to catch him, but the whole nation was glued to the screen. The dramatic chase was all over the news.

The eventual trial unfolded into the infamous media circus which turned the topic into a hot one in the public eye. To sum up Simpson was not guilty of the murders. But, while he was acquired by civil suit from the next of kin in 1997 for the deaths of the victims he was not convicted in a criminal court but of a civil offence.

Later Years

Through the justice system mess, he stayed a topic of discussion among people. A number of trials and film documentaries covered the trial as well as the post-trial period. He later served time for this robbery, was convicted in a separate case and sent to jail. He was released in 2017.

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