Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Probes Boeing 787 Dreamliner Safety After Whistleblower Raises Concerns

EVERETT, Washington. — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) begun the session of investigation over the performance of Boeing’s widely known 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This emerges after a whistleblower, Boeing engineer Sam Salehpour, has complained on manufacturing shortcuts that might compromise the specific structural integrity of nearly 1400 Boeing planes which subsequently contain both 787s and 777s.

Salehpour, an 40-year engineer, with rich experiences in the field, is said to have been defending Boeing for purposely speeding the assembly process of Dreamliners to defy safety standards. By their replacement with an underpowered engine, it puts the wings and the tail in high stress as well as his suggestion that they had left debris on the most important parts of the aircraft. Salehpour points out that the problem might be a very serious with the airplanes approaching the end of its service life.

Salehpour, under the representation of his lawyers, alleges that he encountered revenge from Boeing’s management once these concerns were raised internally by him. They mention he supposedly was going to be fired, discarded of contact with people and he was doing tasks that were not his area of expertise.

Whistleblowing is the pivot that maintains the safety of air travel. It is the FAA that performs the role of whistleblowing through providing the means of disclosing unsafe practices. It is the promise of the government officials to carry out a detailed and comprehensive investigation into the allegations made by Salehpour.

Boeing has repeatedly claimed that they never shared their secrets with any of their competitors. They underscore that it is safe to operate a 787 Dreamliner and that the FAA has pre-determined all the issues that were raised. The firm states repeatedly that the safety of their employees is important and that reports and complaints may be sent without fear of reprimand.

It is interesting that this news is coming after the most recent incident that had happened on January 21st on the Boeing Max 9 aircraft. The middle panel of the plane broke off mid-flight stranding all the planes Max 9’s in the States. Examination into two relevant cases, the Max 9 and recent 787 Dreamliner s, is still in progress.

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