Body of Missing University of Missouri Student Riley Strain Recovered from River in West Nashville

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has confirmed the disappearance of University of Missouri student Riley Strain, whose body was found in the Cumberland River in West Nashville Friday morning.

Police reported on social media that Strain’s body was recovered from the Cumberland River in West Nashville, approximately eight miles from the city center.

John Drake, Chief of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, stated in a news conference, “There is no other evidence to suggest that” besides drowning in the river, noting that Strain’s belongings, including clothes, watch, and other identification items, were still in her possession.

The police further stated, “No foul play is suspected,” and post-mortem is underway. Drake mentioned that Strain’s family has been notified.

Strain, 22, went missing during a trip to Nashville, and she was last seen on March 8, outside Lukas Bryan’s 32nd bar, owned by the country singer, immediately after being removed from Lukas Bryan’s 32nd floor. The bar said records show she ordered one alcoholic beverage and two glasses of water.

Footage from surveillance depicted Strain walking alone in downtown Nashville. She was last seen at 9:52 p.m. Friends who were with her notified her disappearance after 1:30 a.m.

In a message from her sorority organization, the University of Missouri stated that Strain had traveled to Nashville for her sorority’s spring formal.

In recent days, the search for Strain has focused on the area’s waterways after her debit card was found near the river in West Nashville. Authorities first focused on the downtown section of the Cumberland River so that more parts of the river could be included, including Cheatham Dam, which is approximately 40 miles from downtown Nashville. The search involves helicopters, boats, and ground crews. CBS-affiliated WTVF reported that the dam was also closed to examine the area where the body was found.

Drake stated that Strain’s body was immediately discovered by employees of a company working on the river at 7 a.m.

“They moved something from the river and while transporting it, they saw Mr. Strain and brought her ashore,” Drake said. The police chief said a plan for searching the river in this area was formulated today, noting that due to the depth and weight, it was thought her body could be in this area soon.

Drake said that more than 200 suggestions were received during the police department’s search for Strain, and the community was thanked for their efforts to find her. He also said that his “heart and prayers go out” to Strain’s family.

The Cumberland River which is about 680 miles long goes through Kentucky and Tennessee followed by it. The river flows through several dams.

The Nashville Police Department of Metropolitan city has joined hands with the not for profit organization of United Cajun Navy which helps in the disaster relief operations and the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office.

Following the discovery of a dead body belonging to a tourist named Strain, the Mayor of Nashville – One of the iconic names in the city – made a press release to state diversely how the City will continue securing tourists’ safety.

“Oppositely, the outcome no one wished for – parents and anyone else who loved her – is this,”maršēlien written O’Konnai”.

The University of Missouri highlighted that those impacted with Strain’s end were given the necessary support and resources.

“We want to sympathize with Mizzou community as they mourn this loss and their family will remain on our minds and we will offer the help and support that they need”.

College students’ parents have been around since the hunt for serial killer began, too. The father-in-law of Colonel Strain, Steve White, told ABC News the family had approached the last-resort solution.

“Imagine for a second you are in our boots; those are some words everyone recognizes, those are the very thoughts which are consumed by every individual around here,” White said.

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