World War 2 Nazi Officer: Skeletons Found Under Home of Nazi Leader Hermann Göring

Poland – An enigmatic find happened in Poland where scientists uncovered the mortal remains of five persons that were buried under Göring’s house, a high-ranking Nazi official during World War II. Location is just near to the besides the house of Hitler, which was in Kętrzyn.

The bodies, found at end of February, had hand and feet separated. Experts found that the people who died consisted of three adults, a teen, and a baby. It is uncertain whether the disposed parts were decayed or arranged to be taken off. The deceased had no clothing or belongings alongside him, showing that he was buried as if he had none.

Göring’s house, where a joint German and Polish team did the excavation in 1964 burned down in 1945 is the place where the finding was made. Firstly, they came across a skull bone right under an ancient wooden floor next to the sewage pipe. Next in the process I did more digging and discovered the other skeletons.

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Surprised” was an understatement, confirmed Oktavian Bartoszewski. He believes the people inside those bodies must have been buried after construction was completed, as workers would have surely stumbled upon them in the process.

An inquiry is undergoing now to understand whether Göring was aware of these remains or whether they got buried later on. In Nuremberg, Göring, who was one of the major players in the Nazi party, was prosecuted and sentenced to death. He chose death by cyanide tablets the very next morning, thus preventing his execution.

This discovery will take us into a dark past and give answers which will increase the mystery of those unfortunate people.

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