Valerie Hayer’s Controversial Photo with Neo-Nazi Activists Sparks Outrage among Opponents

Valérie Hayer, the Renaissance party candidate for the European elections who is currently trailing in the polls, finds herself in a difficult situation. She just recently came out in pictures together with the neo-Nazi activists, allegations that she says were set up against her.

The picture has caused a great storm, which adds to the difficulties already facing her campaign. On the weekend, the image of Valérie Hayer who was posing with individuals from a small neo-Nazi group was widely circulated on social media platforms, which made her upset. On the picture, she is smiling with four persons, whose faces are blurred, and one of them has a t-shirt with a slogan that says “The White Race. ”

As Valérie Hayer stated, the image was taken on Sunday, which was a day following the gathering of the ultra-right movement in Paris on Saturday. Nevertheless, she claims that she was unaware of the fact that she had fallen into a trap.

The picture triggered surprise and criticism from a numerous of her foes – socialist Arthur Delaporte among them.

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Hayer claims that she did not see the “racist inscriptions” in the photo, a point that was also mentioned in a press release issued shortly after the image became public. She swears she was framed or entrapped by the minority Nazis.

On the one hand, critics, such as the ecologist, Benjamin Lucas, have accused Hayer of carelessness and inattentiveness to the potential dangers.

On the other hand, some of her own supporters have criticized her team for not providing enough protection, with one Macronist deputy even calling them incompetent.

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