Tragedy Strikes: Surfing Buddies Found Dead in Mexico

Three friends who shared a great passion for surfcing went on a trip to Mexico which ended with great heartbreak. Jake and Callum Robinson, who are from Australia, and Jack Carter, an American, on an April 27th surfing trip disappeared. However, a week later their worst fears were realized when their bodies were found at seaside resort.

The discovery had far-reaching effects, not only on the lives of their families but also on the surfing community. Mexican authorities state that the surfers could have been the subjects of a robbery that ended unsuccessfully. The burned-out truck which belonged to the friends was also found near the bodies. The friend’s theory became stronger with this additional evidence.

The inquiry initiated the arrest of three individuals which include the woman who was rumored to have a picture of the surfers on her phone. Similarly, the Mexican authorities have not yet made any concrete statements connecting them to the crime.

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The beaches of idyllic Baja California where the surfers disappeared, happen to be very popular among the American tourists because they are right next to the U.S. border. However, beneath this paradise are only tough realities including gang violence due to drug cartels.

This is not the first time that the native tribes are caught in the center of the conflict between foreign surfers and their own rights. In 2015, two Australian surfers suffered the same fate in the Sinaloa state, and near the border, four Americans fell under the suspicion of cartel members only to find the death of two of them last year.

Mexico’s war on drugs started in the latter part of 2006 and it has become the bane of the country. 450,000 plus lives have been taken and 100,000 remain missing.

The deaths of Jake, Callum, and Jack serve as painful point of the threats that lie beneath the paradise. Families of these victims will be left to deal with the unbearable loss as investigations are carried out to arrest the perpetrators

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