Superman Flies Again: David Corenswet Revealed as the New Man of Steel!

The big news is in: Superman is back!DC Comics announced the first promotional image of actor David Corenswet dressed up in the costume of superhero. It becomes all more exciting now that a Superman movie is almost in the making after few months filming started.

Fans Would Get a First Glimpse of Superman

Fans have been jumping out of their seats to see the redesigned Man of Steel and narrated the new look of the Superman Costume on social media by their director James Gunn. However, the day of reckoning has come!Corenswet is seen for the first time, wearing the character suit in its completed form.

Superman has a strong and most successful movie history besides. The iconic Christopher Reeve is one of the first among the slew of actors who have played the leading role. Brandon Routh and lastly, Henry Cavill are among them.

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The Tenor of the Cape.

Nevertheless, Cavill stated in December that he will stop playing Superman, despite a recent cameo in the end scene of ‘Black Adam’. This acted as a kind of intrigue and possibility of a new actor climbing into the familiar red cape.

Interestingly, two years ago, Corenswet himself mentioned that his deepest wish was to play Superman. He told Entertainment Weekly during an interview that he loved how Henry Cavill played it but also that he had a different take that would not be as dark as the Man of Steel film.

Will Corenswet deliver that particular uplifting and aspirational Superman he pictured?We’ll have to wait and see, after all!The movie will be premiered next July, so you can make sure not to miss it and get ready to meet a new part of Superman’s history!

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