Cameron Highlands: Where Cool Escapes and Lush Adventures Await

Craving a breath of fresh air and a break from the scorching heat? Look no further than Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s answer to a hill station paradise. Imagine rolling hills draped in emerald green tea plantations, misty mornings with crisp mountain air, and charming English-style cottages nestled amidst strawberry farms. That’s the magic of Cameron Highlands!

Nature’s Playground Cameron Highlands:

Trekker’s Paradise: Lace up your hiking boots and head out on trails that are flanked by the green rainforests. Be on the look out for the unique flora and fauna of the area, or take the challenge of climbing up to Gunung Brinchang the highest peak around.

Tea Time With A View: Tea plantations may be seen almost everywhereAim for a walk through these picturesque estates where you can learn about the tea making process, sip a hot cup of tea and watch the beautiful scenery as you enjoy your tea. Don’t fail to replenish your supply of Cameron Highlands tea, which just makes the ideal souvenir!

Strawberry Haven: Here you be in for an exciting revelation. The Strawberry farms in Cameron Highland are impressive as you can self pick your mouthwatering strawberry just from the source.

Mossy Waterfalls: Take a break and go for a swim at Robinson Falls or meander around the misty wonder of Cameron Falls. This is just an example of a natural beauty, which is ideal for a pleasant picnic or a peaceful quiet thinking.

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Beyond the Scenery:

British Influence: Cameron Highlands continues to preserve its lovely and relaxing colonial heritage. There are a lot of small English houses located in the countryside which have remained as the symbols of the past.

Foodie Delights: Start off with a bowl of wide noodles soup (mee rebus) or bone soup (sup tulang) for a nice warm up. ” Don’t leave the place without feasting on the freshly-caught fish or getting your longing for some local Cameron Highlands honey quenched.

Shopping Spree: Ace through all the streets lined with fresh produce, handmade crafts, and of course, strawberries.

Pack Accordingly: Cameron Highlands serves as a place of respite, thus you should come with a few outwear pieces. A raincoat is sure to be needed, the charm of being on mountain is the mist and sometimes the light rain.

Gear Up For Adventure: Basically, rugged shoes are invaluable when it comes to the trails.

Be A Responsible Traveler: Consider the nature and the neighboring population. Cameron Highlands, a place rich in nature, history and just very far-away from the industrial and urbanized world. Therefore, put on your backpack, refresh yourself with the blessings of the cool mountain air, and be prepared to find out how wonderful the Malaysia is!

A Local Culture Experience

The much-talked-about scenes here also narrate the congenial environment of Malaysian sympathy. Local night market gives you an opportunity that gets you to a smiling face and hits you with vibrant colors and scents. To get a complete experience, sample some satays (meat skewered) that are well-grilled or go for the fluffy roti canai which must be served with the curry sauce. Make sure to ask a booth owner or two how they started their business or what is their secret best kept place. They’d love to tell you their life anecdotes and even share some recommendations.

An Adventurous Person’s Eden

The Cameron Highlands offer opportunities for the courageous ones also as they include adventures activities. Experience an exciting whitewater rafting trip inside the Sungai Cameron rainforest (the Cameron River in the heart of the rainforest) , where you’ll be paddling through rapids and enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. For those who would rather enjoy dry land, get your thrills on a high ropes course that fact twines through the treetops giving you breathtaking views and thrilling experience.


In the end of the day, relax yourself with a spa visit at one of Cameron Highlands’ many wellness centers. Let your weary muscle be massaged with a traditional Malay massage, and bathe in hot spring for the soother warmth water. Take in a breath of the mountain freshness and enjoy the relaxation of the high-country calm that surrounds you. Cameron Highlands is the best choice to live in harmony with nature, away from the hustle of the city. It definitely restores your sense of happiness as well.

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