Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez Evaluates Resignation Amid Wife’s Legal Investigation

After the wife of the Spanish Prime Minister, Begoña Gómez, was pointed out in the investigation that was related to influence peddling and corruption.

With astonishment, as the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez announced on Wednesday, that he was considering resigning from the office after giving green light to an investigation mechanism targeting the wife of Prime Minister for corruption and wrong doing, which another political party commissioned, according to Sánchez, in order to destabilize the left-wing government permanently.

“he contemplated that whether he should keep on being at the helm of the leadership or the position was not good anymore”, was written by the socialist most followed leader on his company social network.

The forecaster of the Spanish government, in power since 2018, stated that he would make up his mind soon and that he will suspend his activities till Monday. He would brief the media on Monday.

He labels the actions of the individual as an intimidation campaign.

Such preliminary investigation, which involves “investigatory secrecy”, deals with his wife Begoña Gómez. The Madrid High Court was notified of the complaint of ” Manos limpias ” association on April 16; the court has not said anything more about it to let the investigation continue.

This community, the homeland of a handful of legal cases recently in court, is perceived as a sister of the rightist extremism.

In the letter, Sánchez refers to a lawsuit on the basis of “imaginary facts” and deals with a campaign of “harassment” of his wife, waged by the ultra-conservative media and whose supporters, according to him, include the opposition from the right and extreme..

He claims, “I am not uninformed,” adding that they do not even consider Begoña’s infidelity. They know very well this is not true. This is why, everytime they find a chance, they file complaints against my wife.”

Study of the truth of his wife’s Begoña Gómez participation in the group of tourism.

Revelation media such as El Confidencial disclosed it regarding an investigation that concentrates particularly in the contacts made by Begoña Gómez with he tourism group Globalia, which owns Air Europa airline, when the latter was in consultation to get public aid to navigate the Covid.

Then she was leading IE Africa Center, a non-profit organization operated by IE University which trains future leaders, leaders who have been taught by international experts from Mexico through the Instituto de Empresa.

Yet Globalia cooperation agreement with IE Africa Center in 2020 is, according to El Confidencial, a fact that ensured that Begoña Gomez has been involved in an undeclared private meeting with the company’s CEO, when the company was negotiating its rescue plan.

This was done under the “Fund for the Republics own resources”, which received the mentioned amount 475 million€, in November 2020, from a 10 billion fund intended to support strategic companies in difficulty due to the health crisis. The Spanish company was acknowledged to be the first to appreciate the value of capital investment fund. But after them, laconically, another twenty or so (Iberia, Vueling, Volotea, etc.) followed suit.

When the letter written by Pedro Sánchez publications, PP (Popular Party, right) main opposition party, it called for the Prime Minister to be “providing serious explanations for scandals that are around her party, her government, her partner immediately”, “so instead of being absent for 5 days”.

According to conservatives, the Sánchez’s goal is to seek the pity of fear and responsibility rather than accountability and transparency, while the resignation’s threat could be a kind of political poker.

However, the members of the inner circle, for instance, the number 3 of the executive cabinet, Teresa Ribera were trying to explain and give a positive tendency of the situation. “Not everything is possible in politics”: «Señor Sánchez y su familia ni el tampoco merecen esta ni España tampoco y yo estoy muy contenta de creer en un carácter como el Señor Sánchez he tenido la oportunidad de conocerlo y no pienso que los acontecimientos que han ocurrido son ciertos”.

Today morning, the second-in-command, Maria Jesus, Montero, had deplored “for the sake of the accusation of extreme right organization based on fake evidence which was just intended to under flame, so that it could be subjected to malign a pro-government”.

Beginning its journey in 1995, The principal prosecution on the Begoña Gómez investigation case called Manos limpias collective is considered close to the extreme right due to personality of founder , Miguel Bernad who had previously been the leader of Nacionales front party, dissolved in1993.

The person according to accusations was part of the network for turning, and was thus sentenced to 4 years’ imprisonment in July, 2021. However, the accuse was set free on appeal on the same month for as the court lacked evidence.

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