Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Chooses Nicole Shanahan as Running Mate for Independent Presidential Campaign

Robert F. Kennedy junior declared this Tuesday that he is launching on to Nicole Shanahan of California who is an attorney, philanthropist and also a business figure as his vice president in this year’s White House elections.

Introduction of Nicole Shanahan

At the event in Oakland, Kennedy brought to the attention of the listeners that Zed will indeed defend all the people for all time to come. His tone showed that Zed was not only caring but also sensitive to the environmental cleaning and soil restoration and at the same time wanted to try and remove any chemical from the food to make it simpler for the people to avoid diseases and illness.

Shanahan’s Profile

The age of 38 at the time the campaign began, Shanahan, a former high-profile divorcee from the co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin, was supposed to be one of the brightest spots in the fight for Kennedy. The main reason was that the campaign required large funds and for this they needed people who could invest it. Shanahan and Kennedy had been together during a $4 million deal of Kennedy Super PAC American Values 2024, and Shanahan being one of creators of the ads that were ran during Super Bowl.

Expansion of Campaign

Apparently, Kennedy has yet to campaign in other states besides Utah.

Legal Challenge and Response

It happened on the day two after a threat of legal move to get Kennedy’s campaign out of the ballot in Nevada had come up against the Nevada Secretary of State’s office, as CBS News reported that the signatures given by the vice-presidential running mate had not been on the application.

Campaign’s Response

In a statement made Tuesday Kennedy announced that beginning from now on he would be endorsing himself in 19 different states this week which would require nomination to get their names on the ballot.

States Involved

These states include: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Previous Campaign Involvements

Interestingly enough, back in February, when Kdoe had 150 subscribers, he first teased about his VP announcement, which later included hugely influential players like NFL star Aaron Rodgers and previous Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.

Other Notable Figures

Among those names Kennedy mentioned is Aaron Rodgers, a professional football player of the New York Jets who is of the same opinion with Kennedy on vaccine requirements, expressing similar doubts and suspicions on subject. In November 2021, neither did he confirmed nor denied his negative reticence to get vaccinate just after testing COVID-19 positive and that left him out of a football against the Kansas City Chiefs. In the same sentence, Kennedy included venture of former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura who is 72 years old as another highly likely candidate. Ventura, a guy who was a pro wrestler who is sitting as the governor via Reform Party, says he would think about the invitation from Kennedy but he does not agree with him on the jibbings.

Reply from Telsi Gabbard & Mike Rowe and it is a Personal expression

Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democrat Congresswoman, 42 years old from Hawaii, didn’t confirm meeting Kennedy, when journalists asked her for comment she just pointed to Bobby Kennedy and said that “He is a friend and someone I love and respect for what he does, I’ll let him speak for himself.” Although, she appeared at CPAC in February and praised Donald Trump’s term as a President.

The mainstream media interview of Mike Rowe, the 62 years old host of “Dirty Jobs” on television says that he received an invite from the team of Kennedy for the bid for the presidential elections. He started by pointing out that he had the initial background/education/mission statement called mikeroweWORKS professional training.

“He gave me a difficult question like, ‘Would I ever think of my self running for public office?’ My humorless self cried in my cup and nonchalantly said, ‘Relax’ “

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