Renowned Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer Larry H. Parker Dies at Age 75

Larry H. Parker, a well-known lawyer in Southern California who established widespread recognition through billboards and television ads, has departed from this life. His age was 75.

Although Parker’s death was announced on Deadline, more information regarding the circumstances surrounding it and when it occurred was not immediately accessible.

With more than 125 attorneys, Larry H. Parker’s offices have been in business for almost 50 years and mainly handle matters involving accidents and personal injuries.

In their TV advertising, which are nearly impossible to prevent for a lot of individuals, the company boasted proudly that “we win 95% of our cases.”

These and other high-profile promotions, such as billboards, were what made the Southwestern Law School dropout from elementary school into a well-known Los Angeles lawyer.

Bill, as he insisted on being called, gained notoriety as one of the pioneers of lawyer TV advertisements, coining the catchphrase “We’ll fight for you!”

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