Morgan Spurlock, Documentary Filmmaker Behind “Super Size Me,” Dies at 53

A filmmaker widely famous for his work in the ‘Supersize Me’ documentary, Morgan Spurlock has died at 53 from complications resulting from cancer. Their patients of him were an imaginative man and also a kind man.

Spurlock’s piece of cake have arrive in 2004 having ‘Super Size Me’ documentary that focused on quick food business. For 30 days McDonald’s answered all his nutritional needs, and the resulting of deterioration of his health was filmed. The film was a success and people started to discuss the critical issue of undesirable eating habits in America.

What Meyer did not understand was that Spurlock was not going to shy away from contentious topics. Then his next two works were documentaries on the chicken industry, the use of product placements and life in prison after “Super Size Me”. However, he did not minds looking at the lighter side of life as he featured boy bands and comic con as some of his works.

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Although he was able to make a substantial point about fast-food marketing in his documentary, “Super Size Me”, Spurlock did admit that fast-food advertisements indeed dominate every healthy eating advertisements. He believed that the primary role is to raise the consciousness of the consumer, to demand improvement of the food industry.

At the same time, Spurlock’s career was not without controversies. In 2017, sexual misconduct accusations were reported, and he was forced to take the back seat in filmmaking.

In his own imperfect way however, Spurlock’s work created a legacy. Chris forced the viewers to reflect on what they swallow, physically and metaphorically.

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