Iranian President Missing After Helicopter Incident

Tehran Iran – Iran is frantically conducting a search operation to locate a helicopter that went missing while carrying President Raïssi and other officials on Sunday. It happened in the mountains with poor visibility and adverse weather which complicates the rescue operation.

International Concern:

The situation is attracting the attention of other major world nations such as the US and Russia. It has however already sought and received assistance from several countries such as Russia with their rescue experts, the support of some of the countries in the Persian Gulf and even expert mapping assistance from the European Union.

Search Efforts Intensify:

It is raining and foggy and rescue teams are working in these difficult weather conditions while searching for the remains. The Red Crescent chief feared that the passage of time meant that people could be dead.

Domestic Response:

Iran’s supreme leader has asked people to pray for the president’s return safely. The government has ensured the citizens that the administration of the country will not be stalled. Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati the first vice-president who succeeds the Raïssi in case of death is already chairing emergency sessions.

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Background on President Raïssi:

Raïssi was elected in 2021 and behaves in a rather conservative way, especially towards Israel. He was previously Iran’s Attorney General.

Uncertainties Remain:

The exact cause of the crash has not been determined but the officials said it was a ‘’hard landing.’’ The chances of finding survivors continue to reduce by the hour.

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