Hope Hicks Testifies in New York Trial Against Trump

New York USAHope Hicks, a former advisor and communications director in the Trump White House, took the stand in Donald Trump‘s criminal trial in New York.

Hicks’ Role in the Trial

In addition to them, several other witnesses had mentioned her involvement, particularly amid the deal between Trump and the National Enquirer tabloid to bury any negative story that could surface during the 2016 presidential campaign. Hicks faced questions related to her awareness regarding such deal and how her team managed media bearing the stories of such kind.

Who is Hope Hicks? And She Is closely linked with Trump’s Case

Hicks is close to Trump. She served him since 2014. She filled different positions in his businesses and politics including his presidential campaigns, and his time in White House. By telling the story of her experience, she exposed her interactions with Trump in crucial moments when the tape from Access Hollywood was released or went to the media about the alleged affair.

Key Testimony

Hicks explained the situations when she had to work closely with Trump and deal with sensitive situations like Trump’s private life exposing allegations. She recalls herself in meetings that were held about the deal with the National Enquirer but doesn’t actually remember the details. The prosecutors pointed out that negative findings could have changed the election, and the lawyers from the Trump camp responded with arguing that the payments were unrelated to campaign interferance.

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In the course of an emotional discussion, Hicks started talking about her previous job in the Trump Organization, working there. She confirmed Cohen’s position on the campaign team and admitted the use of regular media practice of both positive and negative narratives. Moreover, she emphasized the fact that Trump thinks that media is intentionally playing the dirty tactics which might lead to some negative implications for his family.

Trump’s Defense

Trump’s lawyers tried to make sure that this talk did not turn out to involve the election tampering by mentioning protection of the Trump family not affecting the election.

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