Heartbreaking Update: The son of a former YouTube CEO has tragically passed away at UC Berkeley.

A Facebook post made the awful news of a young man’s unfortunate destiny in the gorgeous valley just a day after his body was discovered. Former YouTube CEO Sosan Wujki broke the heartbreaking news that her son, 19, had been found dead on Tuesday at the University of California, Berkeley.

Tuesday at 4:23 p.m., the student who lived in the student housing complex Clark Kerr Campus was discovered to be unconscious. UC Berkeley spokeswoman Janet Gilmore reported that the situation was handled quickly by the campus fire department, according to local time. In a Facebook post on Wednesday, the bereaved grandma, Esther Wujki, revealed his identity and cause of death.

“Marco Trapper, my beloved 19-year-old grandson, passed dead. Esther Wujki said, “Our family is saddened beyond description. “The most compassionate, loving, intelligent, humorous, and beautiful soul,” was how she put Trapper.

Gilmore stated that the University of California Police Department was notified and that the Berkeley Fire Department assisted the complex, adding that efforts were being made to “save the young student’s life.” He had been pronounced dead by BFD when campus police arrived.

Gilmore stressed that the cause of death is still being investigated and that there were no indications of foul play.

Trapper had just begun his second semester at UC Berkeley, where he was actually enjoying his studies in mathematics, according to his grandmother. In addition to “achieving academic milestones,” Trapper, according to Esther Wujki, had a “strong group of friends” that included members of his community as well as the larger fraternity.

Trapper’s life was tragically cut short as he was pursuing academic excellence, leaving a vacuum in the hearts of those who knew and loved him. The neighborhood laments the passing of a bright young man who was loved for his warmth, friendliness, and companionship in addition to his commitment to his studies.

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