Grégory Lemarchal died 17 years ago: Karine Ferri does not forget him

This Tuesday, April 30, 2024 marks the 17th anniversary of the death of Grégory Lemarchal, winner of the fourth season of Star Academy. The opportunity for Karine Ferri to pay him a tender tribute on Instagram.

A voice that no one has forgotten. On April 30, 2007, Grégory Lemarchal took his last breath at the age of 23 after a fierce battle against cystic fibrosis. Since this sad disappearance, Karine Ferri, former companion of the little prince with the voice of an angel and godmother of the Grégory Lemarchal association, has continued to pay tribute to him. To mark the 17th anniversary of the singer’s death, the television host published a moving message on her Instagram account. “17 years ago. So that the fight continues,” she wrote to support patients suffering from the same illness as the winner of the fourth season of Star Academy. An initiative which obviously touched many fans of Karine Ferri and Grégory Lemarchal.

This is evidenced by the numerous comments left by upset Internet users. “I think of Grégory Lemarchal very often and even more now, he is greatly missed” wrote a user of the famous social network. “Seventeen years later, we have never forgotten him,” said a fan, while others declared: “I cry so much… I will of course make a donation. Thank you Karine”, “Dix -seven years already. We have not forgotten him. Beautiful person and good singer”, “We will never forget him. We will never forget you. You marked our lives forever.”

Death of Grégory Lemarchal: this other tribute from Karine Ferri

Last year, Karine Ferri had already taken to her Instagram account to pay tribute to her former companion. “The fight continues. Above all, never give up. We always need you for Greg, for others, for life to continue,” she wrote in the caption of a publication in which she had shared the organization’s logo. But that’s not all ! In her story, the television host also published a photo of Grégory Lemarchal. “I stand up under your gaze,” she shared to accompany her photo. A tender message which must have undoubtedly pleased the singer’s parents, who also spoke with an open heart in a letter published on the association’s Instagram account. “This year, on May 13 exactly, Grégory would have been 40 years old,” said the mother, before continuing with emotion: “For sixteen years, Grégory has guided us and inspired all our actions.”

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