Federal Authorities Raid Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ Residence in Holmby Hills

The raid that had government officials seize and search Sean “Diddy” Combs (a rapper and a record producer) at the estimated worth of $40 million Holmgang Hills in the western part of Los Angeles was executed.

According to ABC sources, they conducted a search that saw Homeland Security Investigations raiding the Miami property imputed to Combs.

One individual, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to ABC with knowledge of the matter, said the raid might have something to do with possible investigations into sexual trafficking. The teller explained that the interviews with three witnesses and one victim in the south area of the New York district were raused and showed up Combs’ intvolvement in sex trade, sexual assaults, narcotic substances, and weapon traffic.

As for the sources, they stated in their news that three more interviews will take place.

The news helicopters were whirling above creating a hasty movement as law enforcement personal geared up wearing their protective gear and loaded their weapons. A paramilitary uniform of ‘without labels’ could be seen here and there.

Miami – Los Angeles video footages featuring feds and law enforcement at the Florida dance hall during the raid in Combs’ mansion.

An unidentified source who knew about the searches has said that Combs was in the South Florida region at the time of the raids taking place.

Seizure of Combs’ telephones has been conducted as allegedly he is to fly to the Bahamas. There was not an immediate understanding of how many phones, devices, or other forms of media were taken away from students.

Homeland Security has just published a press release to confirm the action, which says, “Today, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New York, with HSI Los Angeles, HSI Miami, and our local law enforcement partners, are going to conduct law enforcement actions, as well as investigative work belonging to a larger investigation investigation.”

Combs is accused of a sexual assault by a lady who further stated that he and the other two men had 20 years ago sexually mistreated her in a recording studio located in New York City when she was 17.

In relation to Court filings, the woman whose name was not unsealed is the fourth such lawsuit for sexual assault accused by Combs.

In the lawsuit, the girl claimed to have met Combs back in the 11th grade at a high school lounge in an area nearby Detroit in 2003 and Combs was right then the Head of Bad Boy Entertainment record label.

She said with Pierre she took New York on a private jet and afterward Pierre just took her to the recording studio where she was put on drugs and alcohol until she was willing to consent to sex. Finally, the complainant in the lawsuit added that she was raped alternatively by Pierre, Combs, and an unfamiliar male party.

The lawsuit reveals the woman’s picture sitting on Combs’ lap at the recording studio where the rape took place and was later presented as evidence.

Combs denied the allegations

In a statement, Combs remarked, “For the past several weeks, I have not made any remarks on social media or on TV, allowing people to dabble into character assassinations, reputation, and legacy.” Some persons have brought [frivolous accusations] showing malice to me, in quest of money for [instant gain]. Let me be clear: I have never seen me doing any of those horrible things I have been accused of. I live for my family, my name and the truth. One thing I will not allow them to take from me is who I am. A UK citizen, just like any other ordinary UK citizen.

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