ANTIBES BALCONIES Implode – Residents Reeling In SHOCK!

Seven balconies on a facade collapsed on Sunday April 14. The others were dragged along when the upper balcony collapsed. Nobody was hurt.
Collapsed balconies and still shocked residents. The balcony on the top floor of a residence in Antibes Balconies collapsed on Sunday April 14, taking six others with it. No one was injured but residents remain in shock.

“I was inside, we heard everything fall. It was like an explosion in fact,” one of them told BFMTV.
“I thought it was just one balcony that had fallen,” says one resident while another adds: “The rubble fell in my garden. I had spent the last ten minutes in the garden.

“No warning signs”

When the firefighters intervened on Sunday night, multiple tons of ripped brick were still seen.. The cause of the fall is still not known at this time.

“We had no warning sign. The co-owners of the top floor and the lower floors reported absolutely nothing to us,” indicates Stéphane Girier of the SGPP firm, trustee of the co-ownership.
Seven balconies that each seem to be about to topple down make up the building’s other facade. 39 individuals were involved in the 24 flats that required evacuation.. They were either rehoused by the town hall services, eight of them, or found a solution with their family.

The building adjoining the damaged building was also evacuated, firefighters told BFM Nice Côte d’Azur. Residents were able to return to their homes in the middle of the evening.

The town hall has sent an engineer, who must determine whether or not those who live there can go back inside their building in the upcoming days.

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