After Hospital Visit, Republican Lauren Boebert Diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome

Following her hospital visit, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert’s campaign announced that she has been diagnosed with “severe blood clotting” due to May-Thurner Syndrome, a rare vascular condition.

Boebert’s campaign stated that she was hospitalized due to swelling in her left leg. They said, “After undergoing CT scans, doctors discovered severe clotting and diagnosed it as May-Thurner Syndrome.”

This condition, more common in women than men, occurs when a vein in the pelvis compresses against an artery, causing it to narrow. It can restrict how well blood flows from the left leg to the heart, sometimes leading to deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Upon her doctor’s recommendation, Boebert immediately scheduled surgery to “remove the clot and insert a stent that will alleviate the symptoms of the congresswoman.”

Stents — small mesh tubes inserted into veins and arteries to prevent closure or blockage — are a common treatment for May-Thurner Syndrome. Other treatments include thinning the blood and thrombolytic therapy.

Boebert’s surgeon in Colorado, Dr. Rebecca Bedd, expressed hope that the congressman would make a full recovery under the care of the healthcare system.According to her, patients with May-Thurner Syndrome who receive treatments to increase blood flow usually survive and resume their pre-illness lives of working and living.

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