Jérémy Frérot Opens Up As He Rarely Does About His Breakup With Laure Manaudou

Jérémy Frérot gave an exclusive interview to Le Parisien published this Sunday, April 21, in which he spoke in particular about his breakup with Laure Manaudou.

After a two-year break, Jérémy Frérot finally makes his return, happy to present his brand new title, Adieu, which will be released this evening, at midnight, on the night of Sunday April 21 to Monday April 22. A song which, as its name suggests, evokes his breakup with the one he loved so much, Laure Manaudou… An artistic choice which surprised our colleagues from Le Parisien, to whom Flo Delavega’s former accomplice granted an exclusive interview , published this Sunday, April 21 on their website. For once, the discreet artist indulged in moving confidences, explaining in particular that between his ex-partner and him, “the story is not over, we continue it differently, We have two beautiful children…

Very discreet, the couple was careful not to communicate about their breakup. However, as Jérémy Frérot explains: “At one point, I felt the need to get this story out of myself.” A process which was not easy for this introvert, who benefited from the support of Laurent Lamarca to write this song “sortée des tripes”, teased on his Instagram account on Saturday 20: “In a quarter of an hour, I am fever rose to 40°C, I was shaking, but I recorded it…” If the singer confided that he found this approach “therapeutic”, he also clarified that it was in no way a settling scores, but rather a “love letter about a separation, something quite positive”, before adding: “It’s almost word for word what I said to my children when, with Laure, we told them…

Jérémy Frérot: a very present dad

The happy father of two little boys, with whom he is very close, also confided to our colleagues at Le Parisien: “There are not many songs that talk about a father who divorces and takes care of his children, every other week. I am a really involved dad, like many around me I wanted to share this life. To the delight of his fans, the rest of his album, announced for next fall, before a tour in 2025, should be just as intimate as the single that announces it. Having nevertheless refused to give more details on his separation from the mother of his two children, Jérémy Frérot was delighted to return to the forefront, while remaining focused on the priority of his life: his two sons , with whom he intends to continue writing a beautiful story, far from the spotlight.

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