J. Cole Joins Future & Metro Boomin on “We Still Don’t Trust You” Amidst Rap Feud

After a long wait and myriad of likes and dislikes, Future and Metro Boomin finally dropped the second part of the Fortee and Metro Boomin joint album entitle We Still Don’t Trust You. This time it is a surprise to see that J.Cole ,our very own home boy had made a powerful appearance. The song “Red Leather” has been the recent iconic release of 21 Savage’s. It is a 7 min long song that the Internet is still not ready for. Cole refers himself as “Gvozdenka” which, in Russian, means “Heavenly King.” This track subtly touches on themes that people are still speculating if the lyrics are aimed at no one in particular or if they.

Cole’s Controversial Verse

In “Red Leather,” his stanzas have emerged as controversial as he claims his excellence of a rapper and brags about his previous experiences. What some fans can imagine as a hidden meaning, some see it as a quiet shot at Drake, the latter talking about his way of clothing and own style.

The Backstory: Lyrics of diss tracks and evident dramas

Such was occurring during the times Cole had reacted to Kendrick Lamar in his verse on the earlier song, “Like That”, by Metro Boomin and Future weeks before. The teaser that read 7 minute drill came out but was not yet officially released by the J.Cole till a remorseful apology a week after for the disrespect accorded on Kendrick Lamar.

Previous Shots Fired

The script is certainly not dull as well, as it doesn’t stop on the rest of it. “Like that” – a song off of the same-named album We Don’t Trust M and produced by Metro Boomin – called out both artists. However, Lamar’s attack was direct as you all know, but Future also, without a doubt, dropped some low digs at Drake.

Cole’s Apology and Reflection

Aage, he also makes fellows artists of his caliber like Future or Metro Boomin. By coming out with shortcoming in the lyrics, he brings the respect level of these singers and musicians. Among humans, he lacks veritable malicious feelings, but he is deeply implicated in a contradiction between his affection for them and his own feelings.


Fans had a lot predicament due to drake’ external losses and inability to meet up and be unable to perform despite their past experiences in music together.

On the other hand, Drake always announces his publications a week before they are going live and does not tell much more. However, this makes his fans impatient, also it creates a glorious love-hate relationship with his fans. Although the breaking of the rumors of him showing up, the fans cannot hold their joyful feelings, unfortunately, his appearance in reality didn’t take place rather in our dreams, for the Desi community. The duo also went on a joint tour, while they performed a lot together as the main act on the tour called ‘Same Nights’ before the deal was signed. This event was the beginning of a big collaboration in the beginning of October.

Closing Thoughts

The open relationship between Drake and Cole, as compared to the rest among teammates, is emphasized mostly by Drake’s continuous praise for Lamar through his sedulous effort, though the joint work performed by others is much more noticeable than that of both musicians. Lastly, the drama is one of the most important factors which creates new dimension in picture of the struggle of these maestros and of course, it is phenomenally fascinating to those who will now become guessers of the maestros’ next move.

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