Dancing with the Stars: Feud Continues Between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier

Inès Reg, a comedian eliminated in the Dancing with the Stars finale, reignited her feud with fellow contestant Natasha St-Pier. Reg believes St-Pier created a media spectacle around their argument as a strategic move to win the competition.

During an appearance on the French talk show “Quotidien,” Reg expressed her frustration over the situation. She claims St-Pier filed a needless complaint against her and used the controversy to gain an advantage. “I’m certain she did it to win,” Reg stated.

The comedian also revealed the experience took a toll on her. “There were difficult moments,” she confided, admitting the media storm “took away from the joy of the competition.”

St-Pier, a singer who ultimately won Dancing with the Stars, appeared on a separate talk show and denied Reg’s accusations. “It’s upsetting,” she said, before adding, “I can’t control what Inès thinks.”

The tension escalated further when Reg brought up race. In prior interviews, St-Pier claimed Reg and her team intimidated her, fearing they might send someone to harm her. Reg interpreted this as racism, stating, “We are black and Arab, that’s what scares you?”

St-Pier strongly refuted this claim on “Touche pas à mon poste,” a French talk show. “Being falsely accused of racism is dangerous,” she argued. “These accusations can have serious consequences.”

This back-and-forth highlights the lingering animosity between the two contestants. While St-Pier has moved on with the victory, Reg seems to hold onto the negativity of the experience.

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