Washington Post’s Coverage of LSU’s Kim Mulkey Offers Critical Perspective Yet Lacks Significant Insights

Although the Washington Post had a great story about the position of Kim Mulkey who is the leader of Louisiana State University’s (LSU) women’s basketball team. This work puts forward this leadership style and how she has sided with her players and the basketball sphere, which indeed is so impactful. As a tremendous comment the book is worth to be read by the recent absence LSU and newspaper.

Plenty of hint was provided but eventually nothing big disclosed till final minutes of the game which was small in the first place. Rather than lie, scout it shows Coach Mulkey as biased and determined manager, who has both lovers and haters on the cellf of American basketball. Undoubtedly, her absolute devotion to the game of the time, occasionally, gives rise to some cracks or the other in the relationships, as the article says.

Coach Mulkey could only disregard ESPN’s acknowledgement of her write-up just before LSU specifically faced off against UCLA in the Sweet 16. And unlike literary text, understanding the document was of foremost priority, which made the discussants bring the lawyers into play.

CNN’s request for a visit to both LSU and Baylor University, which is the former school of Mulkey, received no reply regarding the article.

In addition to being an interesting movie on one of the most significant female athletes in basketball history, it also unravels a lot of her unanswered questions.

In their Sweet 16 match on Saturday in Albany, New York, the third-seeded LSU team triumphed against the second-seeded UCLA team.

Speaking with reporters after the triumph, Mulkey insisted that the profile wasn’t a diversion.

“Consider how you may expect to see everything. “Get some clicks or turn into a scandal,” Mulkey declared following the match.

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