Red Bull After Newey: F1 Powerhouse Faces Uncertain Future

The fans of Formula One, expect the old power order to change in the future! From today, it is known that Red Bull ‘s record-setting Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey will be leaving the Design team early in 2025.

Newey is The F1’s star! Being well-recognized as the undisputed master of race design, he has played a crucial role in the faith entire success of the Red Bull Racing Formula One squad. He has a long history with the team as he has been designing their cars ever since he joined them back in 2006. This has culminated in their winning over a magnificent seven Drivers’ Championships and six Constructors’ Championships – amounting to a total of 118 victories and 101 pole positions!

Newey was previously associated with Williams and McLaren and amassed some considerable victories during his term.

Time for New Challenges

It is not his intention to compete for younger talent at the age of 65. “To me it is a huge pleasure for the last 9 years to be a part of the great Red Bull Era,” he emphasized in a statement to the media. I never thought I would have a streak of rebellion during this entire miserable process. The truth is that I’m excited to take on new challenges.

At present, Newey is spearheading the work towards the formation of Red Bull’s very own hypercar. The name of this much-awaited car is RB17. This particular project will be his primary task that he will work everyone out to ensure its completion before he leaves.

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Red Bull Pays Tribute to a Legend

The Team Principal Christian Horner couldn’t stop saying that Newey is the best. “Adrian is the real brain behind our biggest victories,” said their team manager. “He is able to always challenge the status quo and he never takes “no” for an answer, as a result Red Bull has become the brand that all the competitors are aiming for, even more than our founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, could have dreamed.”

Verstappen’s Domination Continues

Along the track, the whole Red Bull is in good shape. Driver Max Verstappen, who has successively been competing for three years, won the world title for three times since 2021. In his performance last year, he broke the previous record by winning a spectacular 19 races out of 22.

Trend continued in this season as Verstappen has crowned with the victory in all races excluding one. Apart from the Australian Grand Prix, which was coincidentally marred by a rare mechanical failure that forced him to retire.

Off-Track Drama

While Red Bull has done well on the track, there were also wavy moments throughout their season. Early in 2021, allegations of inappropriate behavior prompted a question to be directed towards Christian Horner, the team principal. He was guiltless and he made him every time.

On the contrary at the end of March allegations emerged that Red Bull had suspended the woman who first accused Horner. This has been followed by efforts from other team principles to bring in the transparency in them like Toto Wolff of the Mercedes team.

What’s Ahead for Red Bull F1?

It’s true, that Newey’s departure can be considered a big change for Red Bull, but the team remains positive however. They have a good foundation to build on, and Newey’s latest creation, the RB17 hypercar, is just what we’ve been hoping for. Having a fantastic driver like Verstappen firing on all cylinders, Red Bull can undoubtedly give that additional teams in the Formula One a run for the funds they have.

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