Dortmund Clinch Narrow Victory Against PSG, But Terzic Cautious About 2nd Leg

Dortmund GermanyBorussia Dortmund emerged victorious from their first-leg Champions League clash against Paris Saint-Germain, with a narrow 1-0 win. Dortmund coach Edin Terzic, while pleased with the result, remained grounded during the post-match press conference, emphasizing the challenges that lie ahead.

The coach admitted that it had been a well-fought tussle confessing that it was a match in which “his side had obtained the victory that they deserved.” On the other hand, he highlighted that that was just the beginning of the race, that there were many hurdles remaining. “We do possess this small advantage for the moment, but next week awaits for us another big challenge,” he clarified. [“We get this chance from time to time, but next week we will face the consequences”]

In the manager’s view, there will be even higher intensity in the forthcoming fixture. “I’m certain ‘it will rather be tougher than what lay behind”, he said. “Yes, we play only at the first half, we have yet another story waiting next week which will turn opposite ‘ plus.

PSG, with its attacking power strike the Terzic fear and he has already seen the opponents’ ability to score. “This figure could appear different than what we saw during the group stage… we also had a taste of this a little right now when the percussive forces of the Parisians come to us,” he describes. It was further explicated by him that it is important to keep in mind the need to put up front more impeccable and proficient performances by the team. ” Yet, we will still to work harder,” he said, so it never stops.

Unlike many, Terzic emphasized the merits of his boys heroically confronting the difficulties and well-crafted playfulness. “All in all, we were very brave and capabilities to succeed in simple things we tried were incomparable,” remarked Dearse. “It must be remembered that it took place not too long ago.”

The tie remains delicately poised, with Dortmund holding a slender advantage. Terzic’s measured approach reflects the team’s need to maintain focus and build upon their first-leg performance to secure their place in the Champions League final.

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