Inter Miami’s Winning Start: Messi Sparkles, Setting Up Both Goals in a Spectacular 2-0 Victory Over Real Salt Lake

On Wednesday night, Lionel Messi and his Inter Miami team began the 2024 Major League Soccer season, demonstrating once again why they are the league’s main draw. They won 2-0 over Real Salt Lake in the season opener after skillfully navigating the packed Chase Stadium and joking with defenders on both sides.

After the end of the 24,000-mile preseason tour that took place across five countries, fans’ concerns regarding Inter Miami’s season opening were allayed. Messi looked fantastic, running nonstop for the whole ninety minutes, dodging defenders, squeezing through confined places, and changing direction and tempo at will. He also demonstrated amazing stamina and perfect footwork. He assisted Robert Téller with a deft pass in the 39th minute, and he was also involved in Diego Gómez’s goal in the 83rd.

In his MLS debut, Messi’s close friend and former FC Barcelona colleague Luis Suárez demonstrated a formidable pairing by precisely passing to Gómez close to the goal. With a compliment on Messi and Suárez, Téller said, “Last year we talked about how Messi created space, but now you have Messi and Suárez… it brings up a lot for me on the wing.”

Another incident involving Messi kicking the ball at an injured Andrés Brody as he attempted to dribble over him went viral on social media very soon. The approximately 21,137-person audience, which included celebrity Will Smith and former NFL player Chad Ochocinco, relished every second of Messi’s performance. The supporters cheered Messi and his teammates on with a chant for Argentine striker Mark Arjona, “Ole, Ole, Ola, Cada Dia Te Queiro Mas” (Ole, Ole, Ola, Every Day I Love You More), while brandishing Deivis flags and beating drums.

Since Messi only made an appearance in the second half of the game and Miami lost, it was clear from the opening minutes that Inter Miami was desperate to win following a dismal campaign. Last season, Messi played in 14 games and scored 11 goals, although his injuries limited the team’s ability to score goals.

Messi met together with former FC Barcelona colleagues Luis Suárez of Uruguay, Jordi Alba, and Sergio Busquets on Wednesday night. Tata Martino, the coach, anticipates that Gomez will be a key player all season long.

Gómez persisted in becoming a standout in his pink jersey despite having recently left the Paraguayan national squad for the Paralympic qualifications. He talked about how important it was to get the chance to play and how Tata Martino’s belief in him had given him confidence.

Regarding the game analysis, Martino complimented the team’s first-half defensive prowess but also acknowledged some difficulties in the second half. He was nonetheless upbeat about Gomez’s possible influence in the next games.

MLS Commissioner Dan Garber and Vice President of Apple TV Ed Q, who were excited about Messi’s league debut, were present for the entire scene. Garber acknowledged the team’s support and underlined the importance of Messi and his family remaining in South Florida for an additional year.

Speaking on Messi’s unmatched worldwide impact on Major League Soccer, Garber said, “There is more buzz about Major League Soccer at the international level than at the local level.” Q expressed surprise at how much of an impact Messi had on American football and MLS so rapidly.


As the club gets ready for the LA Galaxy game on Sunday, Martino hinted that they might stick with the same starting lineup. Níkou Frøer will accompany the team on their travels despite his knee injury. The most sought-after StubHub tickets for this game are presently available, with resale values ranging from $250 to $7,820, demonstrating the tremendous excitement around this historic occasion in MLS history.

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