How to Enjoy Free Concerts, Movies, and More at Soundscape Park

Where else in Miami Beach would you find a spot to take it easy aside from the city parks? Don’t waste your time; Soundscape Park is here! This small but wonderful place occupied by a 2.5-acre area right next to the New World Center offering residents the combination of urban escape mixed with cultural hub.

Visualize a serene fly zone surrounded by lushly green carpet with palm trees and bouganvillia hedges. With a perpetual picnic site under the Milanese sky, Soundscape Park is the ideal spot for a delectable meal. And in addition to it being just a delight to your eye, this park carries much more than that. Its 7000 square-foot screen-top projection is the highlight and one can watch in the light of the open-air theater.

Here’s what makes Soundscape Park special:Here’s what makes Soundscape Park special:

Free Movie Nights: Indulge in classic and contemporary flicks under the starry skies every Wednesday during the season (October – May); the venue offers a unique experience through its popular Cinema Series.

Live Music & Events: The hypnotic symphonic sounds of the New World Symphony harmonizing in the park, or maybe cultural programmes, art exhibitions, and people of the community gathering are on the menu.

High-Tech Touches: The cinema have massive movie wall, in which the advanced sound system placed, create audience getting immerge with such as movie, concerts and other events.

Flexible Space: Be it a relaxing seating area or sharing session with your friends, Soundpark has different types of seating to choose from and grassy areas.

Soundscape Park is not just a usual place to watch a movie or listen to music, but a space for more. It is an ever-buzzing center of interaction amongst natives and the visitors who frequently pass by. Assemble a blanket or get a lawn chair, and put yourself together with Miami Beach in an entirely new experience.

Bonus Tip: Reach the New World Symphony website or the official website of Miami Beach to get the schedule for the events that are going to take place at the Soundscape Park. It may not seem too exciting but you could actually catch a remarkable concert or a lovely film event!

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