Historic Win for Fulham Against Manchester United

In stoppage time, Fulham defeated Manchester United with a resounding victory thanks in large part to Alex Iwobi. With the 2-1 victory, Fulham won for the first time at Old Trafford since 2003 and earned three vital Premier League points.

Match Details:

With 44 points, Fulham is in sixth place in the rankings following six straight losses in the league. They go up to fourth place with 48 points, above of Austin Villa, thanks to their victory. With 32 points, manager Marco Silva’s Fulham team proved tenacious and secured 12th place.

Iwobi’s Impact:

Iwobi expressed his happiness by saying, “There’s no better feeling than returning to the team and clinching victory here.” He highlighted the team’s strong performance rather than only the outcomes.

Turning Point:

Fulham stunned the crowd with a fantastic goal in the 65th minute that altered the course of the match! Fans were ecstatic as Kelechi Basi’s shot bounced into the net, setting off the magical moment. It was more than just a goal; it was a game-changing moment that gave the game fresh momentum. Sensing that something exceptional was taking place on the field, the crowd sent out a round of cheers. Fulham’s tenacity was spurred on by Kelechi Basi’s contribution, which went beyond just a point on the board. In addition to adding a point, this goal invigorated the crowd and demonstrated the team’s tenacity against a formidable foe. It was the catalyst for an incredible game.

United’s Reaction:

Harry Maguire’s penalty kick in the 89th minute gave Manchester United an equalizer and set the stage for an exciting conclusion. But in the 97th minute, Iwobi took advantage of the situation, rendering goalie Aaron Ramsdale useless, and sealed the victory.

Manager’s Point of view:

Manager Marco Silva said, “A fantastic feeling for our fans, who were loud from the first to the last minute,” when discussing the significance of the win. Clearly, the superior squad prevailed, and the guys deserved it.”


Silva joined his players in celebrating as soon as the final whistle blew, rather than simply watching from the sidelines! Silva and his crew celebrated their amazing triumph with a toast, surrounded by applauding spectators. It was a touching moment when they admitted that their success was the result of their perseverance and hard work. As the players and management shared this unique celebration with the fans, the stadium erupted with excitement. With Silva’s personal touch, the post-match celebration became even more memorable for the squad and the supporters.

Player Injuries and Challenges:

Star forward Alejandro Garna─Źho met challenges, with defender Antony Robinson clearing one of his shots off the line. Notably, Rasmus Hojland of Manchester United was unavailable due to injury.

After-Match Analysis:

Maguire praised Fulham’s tactics, stating, “They threw a lot of bodies forward and caught us on the counter, responding with a decisive attack at the end.”

The Season of Fulham:

Fulham’s win, which came in their 12th Premier League game, demonstrated their comeback. On the other hand, Manchester United struggled this season, breaking their record with ten league losses.


In addition to winning a historic match against Manchester United in the championship game, Fulham also shown their unrelenting perseverance and elite level competitiveness. This triumph is more than just a win; it’s a monument to Fulham’s tenacity and willpower, and it represents a turning point in the current Premier League campaign. The group’s performance demonstrated their proficiency and growth, demonstrating that they can compete with the best in the field.

The triumphant celebrations that ensued further illustrated the image of a team bound together by achievement. An unforgettable atmosphere was created as the spectators’ excitement in the stands was reflected in the exuberance on the field. With this win, Fulham not only increased their point total but also left their mark on the Premier League’s ongoing story. More than just a game, it’s a tale of success, perseverance, and the pure excitement of football that unites the squad and its ardent fans.

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