Max Holloway Massive Victory Steals “BMF” Title with Last-Second KO of Gaethje

Max Holloway pulled off a stunning upset at UFC 300, claiming the lightweight “BMF” title with a brutal knockout in the dying seconds of the fifth round.

Calculated Start, Brutal Finish:

The fight started cautiously, with Holloway showcasing patience and sharp striking, while Gaethje countered with heavy punches. A turning point came at the end of round one when Holloway landed a jumping back kick that bloodied Gaethje’s nose. The injury seemed to hinder Gaethje throughout the fight.

Max Holloway Dominates, Gaethje Lands Shocking Knockdown:

Holloway continued to control the pace in rounds two and three, landing hard shots and utilizing his speed advantage. However, things took a dramatic turn in round four when Gaethje landed a right hand that sent Holloway to the canvas for the first time in his career.

Final Round Frenzy and Legacy-Defining KO:

Despite Gaethje’s resurgence, Holloway remained composed. In the final seconds, he unleashed a devastating combination, similar to his iconic knockout against Ricardo Lamas in 2016. This time, however, the result was even more emphatic. A massive overhand right sent Gaethje unconscious, securing a dramatic victory for Holloway.

Holloway Extends Streak, Gaethje’s Run Ends:

With this win, Holloway extends his winning streak to three and adds the prestigious “BMF” title to his collection. Conversely, Gaethje’s two-fight winning streak comes to an end.

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