Ligue 1: Marseille beats Lens to the wire and revives after five games without a victory in the league

Marseille defeated Lens 2-1 at the very end of the game on Sunday at home to recapture the flavor of success in Ligue 1.

Aubameyang at all times

We let him down against Nice on Wednesday by failing to take advantage of a great opportunity late in the game (2-2). However, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang immediately smiled this Sunday. He scored the first goal in less than a minute with a well-placed blast into the side net. The Marseille striker, who was always pursuing his teammates, endured a prolonged period of suffering throughout the second half. Which did not stop him from providing Gueye with a great assist on the 85th-minute Olympic winning goal. Crucial

Good Lopez

Pau Lopez, who is highly erratic in the Marseille cage, played well against Lens this time. Calm in the air, productive on the line. similar to his forceful stop of Samba’s header in the 38th minute of the first half. The equalizing goal of Saïd is not his fault. His kicking prowess was also crucial for OM, who will require a superb goalkeeper for their double matchup with Atalanta Bergamo in the Europa League semifinals.

Wahi in full doubt

Elye Wahi, who got caught last weekend by his own fans, is having trouble finishing the season. The Lensois striker acknowledged his present struggles on the field at the Vélodrome, but he was encouraged by his coach and maintained in the starting lineup. clumsy in the game, with the final motion being particularly ineffectual. He had the opportunity to give RCL an early equalizer in this game, but he went around Lopes (12th) and missed the mark. A mistake that represents the former Montpellier team’s lack of confidence, as their goal counter is stopped at seven units.

Haidara guilty

An expensive mistake for the RCL. At the end of the game, Massadio Haïdara caused his team to lose 1-1. Gueye was able to recover the ball and score the 85th goal that gave Marseille the win because of his shoddy full-axis recovery. The 31-year-old player was not immune to criticism about the first goal, as he was upset with getting back to the northern defense. He failed to save his match with his assist for Saïd.

Harit too discreet

Amine Harit did not make enough of an impact on Marseille’s game, as is frequently the case in this second half of the season. When his team attacked, the Moroccan international, who was highly active in recovery, found it much tougher to stay in the game. In the sixty-five minutes that were played, just twenty-six balls were touched, and there were no noteworthy plays. The former Nantes player has a tendency, like many of his colleagues, to physically breakdown during the game quite rapidly.

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