Denver Nuggets overcome early deficit to defeat Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1

The Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers‘ playoff match-up began with a game that continued the continuity of what many playoff game have felt like before. Lakers scores first with LeBron and Anthony Davis finding lots of room to make baskets. However, the Heat finally broke their early run and now it’s all tied up. They were doing well and led even stronger, with more than 10 points at one point. Nevertheless, the Lakers led for most of the game until the Nuggets slowly managed to erode their lead, eventually dominating for the rest of the game and won with a 114-103 score.

With 32 points, 12 rebounds, and 7 assists, the reigning MVP Las h as l e properly leading the l ny Yokic for Denver. In the form of four three-pointers scored by Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the third quarter was enthusiastically brought back to life. As the quarter went along, Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon contributed double-doubles.

The Lakers utilized various options to suppress Jokic but in the end they were not successful in that. They mainly went with the defending power forward Rui Hachimura, but they did try double-teams and even James LeBron guarding him as well. In the first part of the game we didn’t see much of Davis on Jokic back in the post either.

First of all, LA started to put pressure on Denver’s renewing second unit every time the Nuggets’ superstar Jokic rested. On Wednesday, they got an opportunity to complete the sweep as the Nuggets host the Warriors at their home ground in Denver, Colorado. Their main motto There was doubt till the Warriors failed to capitalizing when the moment mattered the most and the Nuggets take this chance in the 4th quarter.

Lakers clearly were not in the form they should be and waited for the moment the Joker returned that never came to a comeback. Off the boards, late MIssed layups by James and Davis destined there loss. Denver shooting form from behind-the-guiline improved sharply in the 2nd period, with Caldwell-Pope playing as major part.

Anthony Davis was the Lakers’ top performer with 32 points and 14 rebounds followed by Number 22 with 27 points and 8 assists. But on the other hand, after the break, his statistics went to coma.

Quickly, LeBron’s usual defender, (Aaron Gordon) as well as Peyton Watson got into some foul trouble which meant coach Michael Malone had to dip really deep on the bench. Instead of Jokic, DeAndre Jordan provided a center role, and most surprisingly, the Nuggets even got along well during Jokic’s rest times.

It seemed the first-half would be a repeat of the same disappointments with Denver trailing by 12 in the second quarter but some collective effort brought Denver almost leveling to the Warriors. The first half ended with them three points down from our team, which was a suitable condition for their superior performance in the second half.

The attainment of the win brings the Nuggets one series lead nearer to a victory. Jokic is going to need to be stopped by Lakers and if they want to make a comeback in Game 2, they will need to be mentally tuned in and deliver their best game.

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