Celtics Take Down Cavs in Game 1: Brown and White Lead Scoring Surge

Boston USA – The Boston Celtics started strong, they did not rest on their laurels, and they ended up as the winners of their playoff second round game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, 120 to 95.

Jaylen Brown and Derrick White were the shining colours of the Boston team with 57 points in all. Brown who scored 32 points made a game-high, while it took less than a minute for a White to establish a franchise playoff record of seven 3-pointers.

Pride of Celtics, Jayson Tatum, had a very well-rounded performance with 18 points and 11 rebounds to help the team gain the advantage in the second-half.

Winner was the team that better shot threes. On the contrary, the Cavaliers failed to get hot from beyond the arc, converting just 11 out of their 42 three-point attempts. In their place, the Celtics sizzled, hitting 18 out of their 46 three-point shots. Through this hot shooting, they had a comfortable lead going into the fourth quarter, and eventually added to that.

Donovan Mitchell, Cleveland’s leading scorer, proved to be very good with his 33 points and 6 assists. Feeling disappointed he has not been matched even by his teammates as the only remaining volunteer, Darius Garland scored 14 points.

This victory makes Boston to win its 21th consecutive game happened when White takes a shot of at least 12 points of the three-point line. The Celtics aim to demonstrate their superiority once more on Thursday in game 2 as the scene shifts to their home pitch.

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Here are some additional takeaways from the game of Celtics:

  • White’s Breakout: Derrick White has certainly been a force to be reckoned with for the Celtics’ team throughout the playoffs. The three-point ace of the Celtic troupe is shooting hot, giving them primary means to score across the open space.
  • Mitchell’s Heavy Load: As Cleveland’s starting center was hindered by injury, it was integral for Donovan Mitchell to dig deep and carry significant minutes along with the rest of the squad. The statement of head coach J. B. Bickerstaff was underlined by the fact that there is a necessity to regulate the number of minutes that Mitchell plays in the play offs to avoid fatiguing him during the later play off rounds.
  • Quick Start for Boston: Boosting off Brown’s dominance, the Celtics went up quickly with a nice preliminary lead. The could posting this motivator that enabled them to sustain a winning momentum throughout the match.
  • High-Scoring First Quarter: Each of the teams were very determined of catching up with each other in the first quarter as their combined score of 74 represented the highest playoff score since 1990.

The Celtics being so dominant in the Eastern Conference in the first place. With a well balanced offense and the whole player pool on their side, they will be the top in the end.

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