”Buckingham Palace Confirms King Charles III’s Cancer Diagnosis”

During the recent expansion of the King’s Hospital’s prostate procedures, a separate issue of concern was noted,” the palace said in disclosing details about the King Charles III.

Following treatments for prostate therapy last month, King Charles is now dealing with yet another health issue. On Monday, the 75-year-old monarch’s cancer diagnosis was made public by Buckingham Palace.

“During the recent procedures for the routine expansion of the prostate at King’s Hospital, a separate issue of concern was noted,” the palace said in a statement.”

“The King has started a regular treatment regimen, and his physicians have urged him to postpone engagements in public at this time. It went on, “The regent will carry out official business and state obligations as usual at this time.

The statement went on to say, “The King is appreciative of his medical team’s timely intervention, which was made possible by recent hospital procedures. In an effort to quell rumors, he has decided to disclose his illness, and he believes that doing so will raise awareness for cancer patients everywhere.

It’s thought that King Charles has disclosed his condition to his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. According to one insider, William, 41, and his father have been in regular touch. Meanwhile, Harry, 39, and his wife Meghan Markle moved to California in 2020, and Harry is scheduled to visit the UK soon.

King Charles directly told his siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward, before the information was made public.

King Charles and Queen Camilla were spotted on Sunday at the church service at St. Mary Magdalene Church, which is close to Sandringham. Christmas Day is a social day for the royal family. After a three-day hospital stay following the prostate treatment, the monarch left on January 29 and made her first public appearance.

On Monday, King Charles left Sandringham and came back to London to start receiving outpatient therapy.

Public duties were temporarily put on hold as he recovered from prostate surgery, and it is unclear when he will return to his royal duties following the cancer diagnosis. It is anticipated that the public will assist him with regular words of support, and during his treatment, official actions on state documents will be taken.

There are currently no intentions to assign advisors to represent King Charles. Prior to World Cancer Day last week, Queen Camilla officially opened the new Cancer Support Center at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

In observance of Recognition Day on Sunday, the royal family posted pictures of the queen emerging from the hospital on social media.

On January 17, Buckingham Palace disclosed that the King was receiving treatment for an enlarged prostate. According to a palace statement, “His condition is stable, and he will return to the hospital next week for follow-up procedures.” “The King’s public engagements will be postponed for a short period for health recovery.”

Following the news, searches for prostate enlargement on the UK’s National Health Service website had increased 1,000%.

Prior to this, it was revealed on Monday that Prince William would be going back to work this week. The 41-year-old Prince of Wales, who is the heir apparent to the throne, took time from work on January 16 to attend to his wife Kate Middleton’s surgery. Following a 13-day hospitalization, the 42-year-old princess is currently undergoing recuperation at Windsor.

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